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Naya Lekht is a gifted educator, writer, and speaker who inspires students and community leaders of all ages and faiths to dig below the surface of what we see and hear, to pursue and defend truth.  With over twenty years in Jewish education, Naya has the rare ability to break down difficult subjects and communicate across intercultural barriers. She offers a wide range of opportunities for students and audiences of all ages to deepen their understanding of Jewish history, heritage, culture, and current events during challenging times.

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How Parents Can Take Action Against Antisemitism in K – 12 Curriculum

“Naya is an exceptional educator and author whose workshops on antisemitism have been engaging and thought-provoking. Her deep understanding of the historical evolution of antisemitism and its contemporary manifestations is truly remarkable. Naya navigates complex topics like the changing facets of antisemitism, the role that Jewish identity plays in helping us combat antisemitism, and the nuances of Israel’s recent conflicts. Her ability to convey these complex concepts in an accessible manner has helped our congregants grasp the complexities of this issue. Naya is extremely easy to work with and flexible, tailoring workshops for our audience and their needs.  We plan on having Naya back for additional workshops, not only for adults, but also for our teens.”

—Sheila Zelinger

Tikvah Task Force, Congregation Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA

“We brought Naya into our community for a Scholar In Residence weekend last month. She presented three times over the course of her visit; each presentation was a slight variation on her main topic of Jew-Hatred throughout history and how to combat it in current times. Naya was extremely well received by the diverse group in attendance. Her presentation was delivered with personal passion, in a clear and accessible way. Even those who thought they knew a lot on the topic walked away with new understanding and perspective. Our survey following Naya’s program produced overwhelmingly positive responses, with the majority of attendees eager to hear Naya speak again. Naya is an important voice on the subject of antisemitism with a deep understanding of the historical context as well as an arsenal of tools to share to combat the scourge in our daily lives. I encourage everyone to do their part in spreading her message.”

—Beata Abraham

Executive Director Congregation Beth Israel Tamid, Milwaukee, WI 

“Naya’s curriculum for Jewish educational non-profits proved so intellectually compelling that I invited Dr. Lekht to lecture my own advanced undergraduate course, “the Politics of Antisemitism” at Kalamazoo College last spring.  There, via Zoom, she took on controversies surrounding anti-Zionism as an expression of antisemitism.  Her manner was at once so accessible, intellectually honest, and compelling that the entire class stayed engaged for over an hour online.  Throughout the remainder of the course, students returned to the lesson she offered, and I subsequently suggested her to other colleagues from campuses throughout the country.  They were no less impressed.   Dr. Lekht has been a true leader: stellar curricular planning originated with her, and the best implementation and results have been realized by her.”

 —Amy Elman 

Professor of Political Science and Weber Professor of Social Science, Kalamazoo College 

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