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Jewish History 



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Decoding Antisemitism: From Old to New
Decoding antisemitism Old to new

How do we combat one of the oldest and most complex hatreds, Jew-hatred? Naya educates on the historic roots of antisemitism in order to help the Jewish community be able to identify its many manifestations: from blood libel to accusing Israel of colonialism. “Decoding Antisemitism” is essential for anyone who is working towards educating and empowering the Jewish community to be able to combat antisemitism effectively.

Framing the Conflict: Language and History
Framing the conflict

Today’s most potent form of antisemitism, anti-Zionism, is an assault on Jewish history and the Jewish people’s lasting connection to Israel. In order to effectively combat anti-Zionism, we must reclaim truth through the use of correct language and terminology. Naya educates on the evolving history of the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to empower the Jewish community to reclaim truth.

Empowering Jewish Identity: Peoplehood Then and Now
Empowering Jewish identity

If Jews are an ethnicity—a people—then where do they come from?  This essential question, rooted in Jewish identity, equips the Jewish community to be able to understand why anti-Zionism, at its core, is an attack on Jewish history and Jewish identity. Naya educates learners on what it means to be an indigenous people and explains why Jews are native to the Land of Israel.

Soviet Roots of Modern Anti-Zionism
Soviet roots of modern anti-Zionism

Have you ever wondered where Zionism is racism, Israel is an Apartheid State, or Zionism is colonialism come from? Hear Naya discuss the Soviet roots of anti-Zionism and how gaining this knowledge allows us to better understand and combat a variant of antisemitism, anti-Zionism, deeply rooted in radical leftist ideology.

The Holocaust:  New Teaching Methods
Holocaust new teaching methods

One in five young Americans believe the Holocaust was a myth. 63% of American youth do not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. How is this possible, given that Holocaust education in many cases is mandatory? In this workshop, designed for educators, Naya discusses new methods for teaching about the Holocaust that focus on understanding the genocide of the Jewish people as the culmination of the long history of antisemitism.

The Seven Wonders of  Z-I-O-N-I-S-M
Seven wonders of Zionism

The Zionist narrative has been hijacked by enemies of the Jewish people. In this dynamic and interactive workshop, Naya takes the word “Zionism” and unpacks the seven core principles of Zionism by looking at the seven letters that make up the word. Z for Zion, for Indigenous, O for or legoyimN for nation state, I for Irgun, S for Mt. Sinai, and M for Memory.

Israel: Ten Toughest Questions Answered
Israel toughest questions answered

Having worked with diverse Jewish youth who are on the frontlines of Jew-hatred both online and in the classroom, Naya leads a training session by presenting 10 of the leading accusations waged against the Jewish people in order to train the Jewish community on how to best respond to question which are, at their core, used to attack Jews. This workshop can be adjusted to meet the needs of high school and college students, as well as professionals in the workplace.

 Courage and Power:   Jews and Israel
Courage and power Jews and Israel

How do we combat Jew-hatred rooted in a framework that examines the world through a binary lens of oppressor and oppressed, power and powerless? What should our response, as a Jewish community in North America, be to the claim that Jews are privileged and powerful? In this workshop, Naya discusses the dangers of pursuing strategies to combat contemporary antisemitism that seek to prove that Jews are marginalized and persecuted. Instead, Naya offers a new path to remaining resolutely proud of Jewish success and strength.

Who’s Afraid of the ‘Big Bad Jew’? Jew-hatred in Literature and Film 
Big Bad Jew

How have Jews been depicted in world literature and can this knowledge help us better understand the mind of the antisemite? In this course, Naya examines depictions of Jews in European literature in order to trace the history of antisemitism. From excerpts from the New Testament and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Nikolai Gogol’s “Taras Bulba,” Naya brings together a diverse collection of writers in order to reveal the central role that the Jew plays within the non-Jewish world.

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